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OS Kernel Developer

Адрес проведения: Москва, Двинцев, 12, корпус 1

Samsung Research - это хаб исследований и разработок (R&D) в поисках OS Kernel Developer

Project Description:

  • Implementation of OS kernel components, libraries, development and debug tools for specialized operating system.
  • Participate in release activities.

Tasks description:

  • OS kernel related components development for specialized OS (memory management, IPC, virtualization)
  • OS kernel related debug and development tools.
  • OS stability/performance issues investigation and fixing
  • Kernel bug hunting

Technology stack:

  • GCC, Clang, Android, Linux
  • C/C++/ASM
  • ARM/AARCH64, ARM TrustZone
  • Jira, Perforce, Git, Swarm, Gerrit

Mandatory requirements:

  • C/ASM 3+ years practical experience
  • Linux kernel programming/debugging skills (excluding driver development)
  • H/W and OS internals understanding
  • Practical experience in system SW development
  • Multicore programming skills
  • English (to write documentation and communicate with customer by email)

Optional requirements:

  • ARM architecture and assembly knowledge, analysis of programs in binary form
  • Embedded programming skills
  • RTOS/Micro-kernel practical experience
  • Hypervisor development (KVM/XEN)
  • Experience in version control systems and bug tracking system (git, Gerrit, Perforce, Swarm, JIRA)
  • Skills in SW security, security analysis of IoT devices
  • Broad knowledge in IT area, understanding of modern mobile technologies and trends
  • Prefer C over C++, experience in Rust